Two Pints Live! and the first of '08

Last night I almost missed the first "Live!" episode of the new series of "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps":, one of my favourite TV series ever, so shame on me (for almost missing it, lol, not for loving it silly :P) - actually I _did_ miss it, but luckily BBC3 repeat most things the very same night 2 hours later, lol. It was weird, to cut a long story short, and I don't think I liked it. I don't know the full behind-the-scenes story but it looks like Ralf Little didn't want to be involved so writer Susan Nickson (who I've often regarded as a genius) decided to acknowledge the "jumping the shark" moment in a cheesily hilarious self-referential series rejuvenation fest, right down to the live transmission gimmick - which in itself was actually disappointing because all those involved are so talented that there weren't any of the classic out-take moments we've seen in one or two specials. On top of all that, it plain wasn't that funny. I don't know if I've grown out of it (likely story, lol), if it was just bad, or if it's just Nickson being perfectly juvenile in making sure this series is the last. We'll see how the rest pan out - for all I know, Jonny will make a Patrick Duffy like return. Though I don't know if that would just be rubbing salt in the wound. I caught up with "Jamie's Fowl Dinners" tonight, from Friday. Not what I expected at all. His "School Dinners" show was presented as a shocker, but though it was brilliant there wasn't anything so confrontational as, say, Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me". But this ... it's like Gunther von Hagens' "Autopsy" meets the TV chef. I find something glorious about the grand guignol style of education, and if nothing else, this was certainly better than his "At Home" series which I never really wrote about but gosh, what a bore.

Other potential goodies of the past couple of weeks include "Fairytales": - the BBC's retelling of 4 classic fairytales, starting with Rapunzel. It wasn't anything special, but I adore the concept and I wish the series could've been longer, plus unexpected transgender elements are always welcome here :)

"Torchwood": later this week, of course ... v. excite! But the best news which I only came across while writing this is that tomorrow night a new series of "Shrink Rap": begins ... the first guest, Chris Langham. Wow.