National Television Awards '07

Eek, awards seasons starting up again already lol. Here's the people and shows I've voted for in the pre-nominations stage of these this year. "Voting is here": Actress: Freema Agyemen in "Doctor Who" Actor: David Tennant in "Doctor Who" (sorry, this might get boring, lol ...) Comedy Programme: _Very_ tough to pick just one, but I have to vote "Jam & Jerusalem" Reality Programme: the lesser evil, "The Apprentice" ... still don't watch it Serial Drama: "Eastenders" Newcomer: hmm. I was sure there had been some really good younger additions to the soaps this year but none seem nominated. I had to go with the guy who plays Eli in "Emmerdale". God I sound common. Factual: The F Word Drama: "Doctor Who" Entertainment Presenter: "Jonathan Ross" Talent Show: screw them all - in fact, let me tell you a story that should convey how much I detest those shows ... I _still_ haven't checked out the many YouTube clips of that cutie Connie from Britain's Got Talent, lol, and probably never will ... so anyway, I had to go with "Any Dream Will Do", even though Charlie Brooker pretty much nailed that one when he did "a special Screen Wipe for The Culture Show": lol. Entertainment Programme: "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross"

Umm. And that's that. Apparently I've been wonderful. I might actually have to decline if I win the trip to the ceremony lol. Pretty boring in the end, had I not started this entry prior to starting the voting process I probably wouldn't have written it, lol. Ah well.