Alice in Wonderland [1999]

I love Tina Majorino in just about anything so I kind of knew that I'd be comfortable through most of this despite some bad comments about it (Martin Gardner calls it "undistinguished" and "boring" in "The Annotated Alice" and considering how great his insights are in the margins of that volume, I couldn't well not believe him). With the book _very_ fresh in my mind (I just finished reading it minutes before putting this on), I was pretty dazzled by how faithful it is to the text (to "Wonderland" at least; I can't speak for the episodes towards the end I'm assuming are from "Through the Looking Glass", which I've not yet read). That, however, turns out to perhaps be the production's singular problem. There's a fine line between being faithful and too damn literal, and this certainly crosses that line eventually. As expected, I found Majorino delightful as Alice (I don't like the yellow dress though :P) - her English accent is a little too clipped at times but mostly it's perfect, as is she. The rest of the cast is certainly impressive (how often do you find Ken Dodd, Martin Short _and_ Gene Wilder in the same place, lol?) but often just plain annoying; for me nothing much compares to the fantastic supporting cast of "the Fiona Fullerton version": The visual effects are fairly clunky at times and the production and costume design etc (I already mentioned the yellow dress) is some of the most garish and unappealing I've seen in any artwork based on the story - towards the end, in fact, it almost looks like they're running out of money by the scene. For Majorino and the details in the script, however, it's certainly worth seeing if you've read and enjoyed the source material.