2008 TV

Well how bizarre, I just looked at "last year's post":http://ambival.net/tv/2007-tv to see how I'd formatted it and such and I saw the total shows I watched of 149 - this year's according to the list is 148, hehe. Anyway, it goes without saying that I haven't posted as much as I'd like in this section over the past year, but we can only move forwards and hope for better :) This is just me going through that list and picking out the things I gave five stars to.

1. Outnumbered - one of the best things I have watched on TV _ever_. Ramona Marquez could save the world.

2. A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All - expectations were through the roof and it completely trumped them.

3. Summerhill - like BBC Four was reading my mind all over again. Couldn't be timelier.

4. The Sarah Connor Chronicles - more and this and Summerhill "here":http://ambival.net/tv/summerhill

5. Dead Set - "Does this mean we're not on telly anymore?" It's sad that there are Big Brother fans who watched this, that calls them zombies to their very stupid faces, then probably went back as soon as the "celebrity" version kicked off this past week ... but Charlie Brooker did it better than Peter Kay and in any case, if you strip away the reality TV element here, it's frankly a better zombie movie than some that have been released in cinemas. This is one of the few TV productions this year that will last.

6. Sunshine - Steve Coogan is always brilliant, but he outdid himself here.

7. "The Oscars":http://ambival.net/movies/live-blogging-the-oscars-08 - they got it right, they got it right, they got it right :)

8. The Olympics Opening Ceremony - fake but who cares? It made me feel like a kid.

9. The US Election - I guess everything related to it comes into this, so we get to include Colbert and Stewart (who, like South Park etc really go without saying as they're always consistently must-see to me) ... but I really mean the night itself which I stayed up for, frankly wondering why I was bothering, but I'm glad I did. There are things to be cynical and skeptical of in this whole thing, but when Obama made his speech, it felt good, and I cried. And it has to be said that McCain's speech was pretty good too.

10= Doctor Who - The Doctor's Daughter (this is the episode I noted in my list but to be honest I don't remember much of it - though I think it was the whole idea that the Doctor had caused deaths in his adventures etc, and the whole gun thing too) Gavin and Stacey - The Christmas Special (just because it's the freshest in memory but the second series was perfect too - I really didn't think they'd keep it alive after the end of the first but they've outdone themselves) iCarly - iHatch Chicks (if you ever want to watch just one episode of this great kids show, watch this one, lol) Torchwood - VERY specifically, the episode "Adrift". The series as a whole has gone down the toilet, but this episode was just fantastic. I don't think I cried so much all year. Trick or Treat - the one with the kitten. Again, there are things to be cynical and skeptical about, but this show isn't the place for those things, lol - and that episode took my breath away. Tribal Wives - this got dull in the end and I tuned out, but the first episode was wonderful.

Honorable mentions: Songbook, Lucy Davis in Reaper, Dom Joly's Complainers, a number of other childhood related things on BBC Four, Marco's Great British Feast, Harry & Paul, This American Life (I just didn't get to watch it all yet), Lead Balloon, Massive and Elvis Costello's Spectacle. Disappointments: sadly, most of what was on at Christmas, including Shooting Stars. Gavin and Stacey was genuinely the only treat there.