Jerry Springer: The Opera

[note: (sadly) merely watched on DVD but I couldn't think what section to put it in] This could be the most concise review I ever write, lol: simply, in the words of the show itself,

"What the f*ck, what the f*ck, What the f*cking f*cking f*ck!?"

Okay, no I'll elaborate. While this musical isn't as great in the music and message departments as I'd both like to see and expected to see, it still achieves a powerful result by being, simply, the mindf*cking equivalent of watching the entire canon of "The Jerry Springer Show" (and any number of its imitators, and the ads that air with them ... let's just cut it short and say, all cultural horrors) condensed into a 2 hour period. What the show does best is illustrate the mixed messages mass culture sends people.

"The one thing that sickens me is violence. Unless it's on TV, in a controlled environment."

David Soul is fantastic, I'd even say a revelation, as Jerry; I can't imagine anyone else but Springer himself in the role.

The lyrics aren't exactly sophisticated - eg,

"Mama gave me smack on the asshole, Mama gave me smack on the head, But mama gave me smack with a monkey wrench, And now I am dead."

Yet somehow, perhaps like the show it's based on (yes I confess, I've been known to watch it - it's a been a few years though - in fact, I have to confess, it has sort of played a major role in my life at one time), it's hard to take your eyes off. This show is insane, obscene, profane, and all those lovely bad things, but most of all it's overwhelming.

There will be those who get nothing out of this show and there'll be those that are outright offended by it but I don't think it's actually offensive at all. It's too crazy to offend any thinking individual. So Jesus and the Devil face off and use c and f words, God eventually show up, the Ku Klux Klan burn a cross; but really, would any of this be _so_ out of place on the actual show? As is stated in the surreal second act, it's merely doing "the mirror thing".

"Energy is pure delight, Nothing is wrong and nothing is right In conclusion, f*ck you ... f*ck you all!"

Ultimately, this isn't particularly groundbreaking or great in any way. But it's one of those things that, once you see it, you realise, it had to be done eventually, 'cos it makes so much sense. It's more a time capsule than a work of art, and ignoring any significance it may or may not have, I found myself laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes at least twice, so bottom line - it's worth checking out.

"Accidentally shot by a man in a diaper trying to shoot a member of the Ku Klux Klan - not exactly the epitaph I was hoping for - but maybe it'll look good in Latin."