American Doll Posse - Tori Amos

I wasn't initially going to write about this one but having just raved on about "Natasha Bedingfield's album": I think it'd be wrong not to talk about the second listen of this one. I heard about this album relatively late, I think - I really didn't have any idea it was coming till a couple of weeks ago, if that - but in the short waiting time I've had, I was _extremely_ excited about it, a sort-of concept album from Tori sounded just terrific. My first listen, though, was a bit iffy. It's cool to hear just about every side of Tori's style in one place, it's a great showcase for her, but as a result, obviously, it's not an immediately easy listen and it doesn't flow as an album as perfectly as, say, "Under the Pink". It's basically as sonically schizophrenic as it sounds, Tori singing 23 songs as 5 different characters about just about everything under the sun. On a second listen though, even though I still don't think it flows great as a whole, and there are too many songs as far of my idea of a perfect album goes (but that's just me) ... on a song by song basis, I really can't complain. There are definitely gems here - even the kind-of obvious "Yo George" demands further listens, and at least she gets it out of the way early and quick (just over a minute in length - I guess when even _I'm_ getting tired of Bush-gibe songs, though, it must be pretty darn trite). I won't be listening to this all in one go many more times, but I think just about every one of its tracks are tracks I'll never skip while shuffling iTunes.

BTW I realise I've given this 4 'discs' (I promise I'll think of a less cheesy rating system than this in the future, lol - I have to use a separate thing from the movie ratings 'cos of how WordPress nests my categories) and "Natasha Bedingfield's": 5 while this goes to the top of "the year's list":, that's just my crazy working - I just personally got a huge kick from "Nb":, while this is just more of a song-by-song, production-wise, etc perfection and it's no "Under the Pink", 'cos, like, y'know ... what is?