Twilight [2008]

"Death is peaceful - easy. Life is harder."

I was knee jerky and angry about this movie in the first review below. No it isn't terrible. Ridiculous for long stretches, yes, but not terrible. I'm watching the whole "saga" (come on, even Papa Lazarou wouldn't refer to the dearth of story here as a "saga") again since the last one is out and, since I don't really intend ever to watch them again, I paid more attention this time around to give it the best chance possible.

I understood more what it was aiming for especially in the final act with Edward having to suck the "venom" out of Bella but find the will not to suck the life out too. I'll admit that that moment almost caught me off guard emotionally like the line I talk about in my old New Moon review. But the whole hour of Bella slowly discovering a) what a vampire is and b) that Edward is one … (really? Are kids that dumb now?) and the general passivity of the performances are still a major source of concern.

March 10th, 2009:

Where to begin on this but exactly where I imagined/feared I'd begin prior to seeing it. Simply, do yourselves a favour and if you must see this, you must see Let the Right One In first - it's like as imperative as seeing [Rec] before Quarantine. Even if you're a young teenager, this is my advice and just about all I ultimately have to say about Twilight, which I frankly found even more of a joke than I ever could have imagined ... it coming from one of my favourite directors Catherine Hardwicke, I'd honestly thought I'd be pleasantly surprised.

But this isn't just a lesser vampire movie than that Swedish masterpiece. I find it honestly painful to think of anything it is.  I struggle to imagine how it is in book form, so devoid is it of any kind of event. A vampire rescues a girl from an out of control car outside school, it takes her an hour screen time to figure out what he is, and for the last 50 minutes they run around looking moody like an Evanescence video. Though it entirely looks as pretty as a Catherine Hardwicke movie, I'm glad to hear she's not going to waste her time on the sequels. This lacks any of the teen commentary of Thirteen, all the adolescent rush of Lords of Dogtown, and the ethereal (may I say supernatural?) sense of The Nativity Story. It's literally just two hours of teen angst in the worst, and most passive way. It saddens me beyond words that this is the new height of teen culture. Thank God for HSM3, there's no wonder they need that too.